The bedroom is the inner sanctum of your property; a place where you can relax, kickback and forget about the world. It is an intensely personal space, and as such, the way a bedroom is decorated can provide some insight into the personality of the homeowner.

If someone were to walk into your bedroom, what would they make of this most private of spaces, and what conclusions would they draw about you? Are you someone who takes your sleep seriously, or more of a laidback dreamer?

Let’s take a look at a few of your bedroom décor choices and see what they say about you…

1. A Cacophony of Colour

If your bedroom is a brightly coloured space then the psychologists suggest you’re more of a night owl who can survive on minimal sleep. Bright colours are distracting and not necessarily conducive to good sleep. If you feel like your brightly coloured walls are affecting your slumber, inject colour into your bedroom without going overboard. This can be done with colourful accents like cushions, art prints and lampshades.

2. The Luxury Headboard

Nothing says “I like a little luxury” like an opulent, upholstered headboard. In the right shape and fabric a headboard can complete a look and become the focal point of a room. It can bring drama and decadence, or balance and calm, depending on your choice of pattern, colour, shape and texture.

3. Minimal & White

The beauty of white is that it never goes out of fashion. If you have gone for the pristine, minimalist look then your taste is timeless. This type of room is also relaxing and serene, making it the perfect spot for someone who really values their sleep.

4. A Cool Palette

If you’ve gone for a cool palette of soothing tones then you must be a true nature lover. Combining it with plenty of rattan details, wooden textures and hand-made accessories completes this pared-back, natural vibe.

5. Matching Monochrome

A two-tone palette can look stylish and effortless and is indicative of someone cool and contemporary with no shortage of flair. To get your monochrome matching right, keep the flooring and linen light to keep the room bright and modern. Pattern clashing can work brilliantly when working in black and white, so don’t be afraid to mix and match.

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