Whether you’ve had little ones before or you’re expecting for the first time, you’ve probably noticed that getting a comfortable night’s sleep isn’t all that easy when you’re pregnant - especially in the later stages.

However, with new research highlighting the dangers of certain sleep positions, it’s becoming even clearer that how you sleep is just as important for your baby’s wellbeing as it is for yours.

Here are some top tips on what to try and what to avoid...

Don’t Sleep on Your Back

While it might seem like a comfortable position to adopt at night, sleeping on your back can actually put a lot of pressure on your blood vessels and internal organs, impeding your breathing and reducing the flow of blood and oxygen to your baby - all of which can be really dangerous for you both.

On Your Side is Best

Of course, in the later stages of pregnancy you won’t really be able to sleep on your stomach anyway, but doctors recommend avoiding this too and sleeping on your side while pregnant. Sleeping on your side avoids putting too much pressure on both your body and your baby’s and can also be the most comfortable option during later stages.

Avoid Eating Before Bed

Lots of pregnant women suffer with heartburn at night, but a good way to avoid this is to try not to eat anything too soon before bedtime.

Turn Off the Heating or Invest in a Fan

During pregnancy your overall body temperature increases, so trying to rest can feel like trying to get to sleep on a boiling summer’s night even when the outside temperature are low. If you’re waking up a lot or experiencing discomfort, try turning down the heating or investing in a fan to keep you cool at night.

Pillows are Your Friends

When it comes to comfortable sleep, it’s pillows to the rescue! You can use them in all sorts of ways to support your body; either behind you to help keep you from rolling onto your back during sleep, to prop up your upper body if you’re experiencing heartburn, or between your legs to prevent backache.

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