It’s that time of year, when the home starts to look a little tired.

Before you rush off to buy 4 tins of magnolia paint and some shiny new door handles, have you really thought about how you want your home to look?

What better place to start than some of the best interior design bloggers in the world?

Abigail Ahern

The bold designs on display here highlight a designer not afraid to mix styles and make the most of a number of materials. What makes this blog really stand out is the chatty tips throughout, featuring everything from hanging art to ‘zoning’ space.

See the blog here.

Habitually Chic

Habitually Chic is the creative baby of a New York interior designer, a woman whose taste is scarily reminiscent of that seen in the wildly popular Mad Men tv series. Definitely worth a follow.

See the blog here.

Print & Pattern

As the name would suggest, Print & Pattern is all about… well, prints and patterns. Wallpaper, fabric, tableware, stationery… it’s all here in its full glory. Whether it’s to your taste or not is a different question.

See the blog here.


Decor8 has really become one of the big boys in the world of interior bloggers, in the sense that most other interior bloggers will have this site at the top of their blog roll. An extremely popular design resource, anyone interested in interior design should be following.

See the blog here.

The Beat that My Heart Skipped

A lot of the designs on show here really do showcase a very Georgian appeal, which really makes this a unique blog on the list, definitely worth a look.

See the blog here.

The Selby

If there’s one blog on this list that is well and truly on the design pulse, it is the Selby. Such a huge array of content ensures that the Selby is an excellent resource for anyone with an interest in interior design.

See the blog here.

Miss Moss

South African blogger, Diana, says that she simply ‘likes sharing rad things that are nice to look at’, and some of the designs in the interior section are stunning. From simple, minimalist rooms to Swedish Chapels, there really is something for all tastes.

See the blog here.

Ems Designblogg

Whoever thought that blogs needed words? This blog by Stockholm-based blogger, Em Fexeus, is nothing if not prolific in its use of imagery, which speaks for itself throughout.

See the blog here.

My Friend’s House

My Friend’s House is a joint venture between two interior writers from South London. If you had to choose a word to describe their taste, it would be ‘offbeat’, although not distasteful. Even pictures of their own homes can be found throughout.

See the blog here.


It may not have been updated for a while, but the ideas on Obsessiliious never get old, or any less striking. Watch out for the odd cameo of this designer's own Swansea flat.

See the blog here.

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