Italians have long been known for their excellent taste and timeless style, so we thought it was high time we brought a little of that qualità Italiano into our showroom.

Introducing Tomasella, an elegant and contemporary range of fitted furniture designed exclusively for you.

Modern, Stylish, Functional

Founded in 1948, Tomasella specialises in future-proof contemporary furniture designed with the modern home in mind. Clean lines meet raw materials, luxe finishes, and adaptable design to create fitted bedrooms that easily blend into and upgrade any home.

High-quality materials and a fashionably neutral palette of slate greys, raw woods, and bright whites make Tomasella furniture as stylish as it is functional, with each fitted furniture set giving you an easy way to refresh your bedroom decor with an effortless and instantly unified design.

Custom Made for Your Home

What we love most about this brand, however, is the ease with which it can be uniquely personalised to suit you and your home. Tomasella’s clever wardrobe designs are completely customisable with variable heights, widths and depths that can be adjusted to fit any space.

With a huge variety of colours and finishes to choose from too, this is truly bespoke fitted furniture - giving you a unique finish that’s custom made for your living space.

Spring is the perfect time to treat your home to a fresh new look and there’s no easier or more stylish way to do it than with our new Tomasella range. If you think this contemporary design company would fit perfectly into your home, book your free design and planning visit now.