Whether you like your bed warm and toasty or cool and comfortable, selecting the right tog rating for your duvet is essential if you’re going to get a great night’s sleep.

To help you find the right tog rating for your new duvet, we’re taking a closer look at this useful system and what each tog really means for your personal comfort.

What is a tog?

A tog is a unit that’s used to measure the thermal resistance of textiles. Essentially, the higher a piece of fabric’s tog rating, the better it is at retaining heat and keeping you warm. Using togs as a guide when selecting your new duvet should help you to find the perfect product for all seasons.

How does a tog work?

When discussing duvets, a tog measures how effectively the cover is able to trap the heat from your body and insulate your bed. The thermal resistance of a duvet in togs is equal to ten times the temperature difference (in °C) between the two surfaces of a material when the flow of heat is equal to one watt per square metre.

Tog ratings range from 1, for the coolest possible duvet, right up to 15 for a warm winter cover, but they don’t necessarily have any connection to the weight of the duvet. While some may be stuffed with feathers and some with synthetic materials, their tog rating is the most important factor when it comes to determining warmth.

What are the different tog ratings?

Although brands can list their tog ratings slightly differently, most duvets are measured along fairly standard lines. These are:

Summer: 3–4.5 tog

A duvet with a tog rating of between 3 and 4.5 should keep you comfortable in temperatures of between 15˚C and 23˚C.

Spring/Autumn: 7.5–10.5 tog

Choosing a duvet with a tog rating of 7.5 to 10.5 will ensure you’re kept nice and comfortable in temperatures ranging from 10˚C to 19˚C.

Winter: 12–13.5 tog

For many, the winter duvet is the most important of the year. Choosing a cover with a tog rating of 12 to 13.5 will ensure you’re kept warm in temperatures as low as 8˚C.

Bedco’s top tips

Although the tog rating system is a great guide when it comes to selecting the right duvet for your needs, there are also external factors you need to consider before selecting the perfect cover.

For example, if your home is very well insulated, or if you like to keep the heating on throughout the night, you may not need a duvet with a very high tog rating, even in the depths of winter. You should also think about the thickness of your duvet cover and how well your body adjusts to the ambient temperature of your bedroom.

Taking these extra factors into account when selecting your new duvet should help you to find the perfect product for your needs, and help you get a great night’s sleep throughout the year. You’d be surprised at the difference choosing the right tog can make to whether you sleep soundly or toss and turn until morning. Find out more by taking a look around our site or getting in touch with a member of our team today.