It’s the tough truth that despite all our interior fantasies, we all need practical storage solutions. We all have too much stuff for storage to be an afterthought. From clothes and laundry to books and toys, everything needs a place if we want our houses to stay tidy. However, it is possible to take the bore out of storage by finding functional and beautiful ways to store all your things. So, we’ve put together our favourite storage ideas to upgrade your space.

Use Your walls!

If you have limited space for bulky storage furniture, look to your walls! Recessed shelves can be created within your walls, to offer a contemporary storage solution. A builder can easily incorporate these in a stud wall and the dimensions can be tailored to your storage needs. Plus, the shelves are a great design addition as they become a statement in every room they are added to.

Mould Fitted Wardrobes to Your Space

Another personalised storage solution that you can tailor to your exact requirements is the installation of fitted wardrobes and cupboards. Whilst not all of us will have the space for a walk-in wardrobe, the Tomasella fitted wardrobes can be neatly fitted into a corner and offer subtle, space-saving storage. When it comes to fitted wardrobes, you get total control over the colour and style, ensuring that your storage fits with your interior vision.

Organise With an Ottoman

If you’re buying a stylish bed, make sure it has storage to match. An ottoman base bed creates a huge storage space in your bedroom that is easily accessible. Our Tuscany Ottoman Bedframe has a deep storage space within it and comes in all sizes from a single to a super king to keep your bedroom clutter-free. The large storage space is so versatile that we would recommend dividing it up into sections with handy drawer dividers or packing cubes, they allow you to organise your organisation, meaning you can find things more quickly.

If you’re not in the market for a new bed, a freestanding ottoman sits at the end of your bed and can be a lifesaver for spare blankets or clothes. It can also double up as a cushioned bench! Make sure your ottoman has an aesthetic impact by buying one in a print that compliments your bedding.

For the Little Ones

They may be little, but they sure do have a lot of stuff. Finding kid-friendly storage solutions can be a real struggle. Luckily, there is a solution that will please parents and children alike: a bunk bed. The benefit of a high sleeper bed is that you can use the space created below for storage. The Flexa high beds can fit a desk, two shelves and two drawers below the bed, they can even have a slide (which won’t help with storage but sure is fun!). The white and neutral colour palette brings light into any kids room, giving it a fresh feel.

When kids get a bit-less-little, they can very quickly grow out of their furniture; but worry not! The way to solve this storage conundrum is to invest in flexible storage that can grow with your child. The Flexa Shelfie shelves are totally flexible and can change in height and design as you watch them grow up, meaning your storage solution is built to last.

Bedco is Here for All Your Storage Struggles!

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