Sunshine, lighter evenings, bunnies, CHOCOLATE; we love everything about spring!

Well, nearly everything...

While the evenings may be lighter, the change does come with a sacrifice, namely losing that precious hour of sleep in the morning when the clocks go forward. Unless, that is, you follow our handy guide to not losing any sleep this time round.

The Swing of Things

Your best bet at adjusting to the change is to give your body more than one night to do so. Lots of people struggle when the clocks go forward because suddenly getting up an hour earlier can really throw your body clock off kilter.

To combat this, start adjusting early; go to bed 10 minutes earlier and get up 10 minutes earlier every day for the week leading up to the 26th. By the time the clock change comes around, getting up an hour earlier will be a piece of cake.

Plan Ahead

Our smartphones and laptops may sort themselves out, but lots of people forget to set their bedroom clocks forward until the Sunday itself. This can lead to some nasty surprises when you wake up and realise what time it really is.

Instead, set your clock forward on Saturday night instead. This will help you go to bed a bit earlier and will save you from any shocks on Sunday morning.

Sleep On It

If you’re really struggling to get to sleep earlier there are some healthy ways you can aid your sleep. For dinner, eat foods rich in melatonin-boosting proteins - chicken, nuts and seeds can all help.

Avoid caffeine before bed and try to switch off any gadgets for at least half an hour before you sleep. Herbal remedies like lavender and chamomile can also boost sleep quality.

Pretend it isn’t Happening

Of course, if you just can’t handle the earlier mornings, you can always invest in heavy curtains or an eye mask to keep the light out in the mornings. We can’t guarantee your boss will approve come Tuesday morning though!

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