If you think our winters are bad, spare a thought for northern Norway which sometimes doesn’t see real sunlight for the entire season. So how do the Norwegians get through those polar nights? In typically Scandi style, of course!

As the cold nights draw in, Scandinavia is the best place to look to for winter decor inspo. An atmosphere of cosiness and comfort is so popular there that they even have their own word for it; ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘who-geh’).

Hygge has recently become so popular that it’s started influencing our way of life here in the UK too. The clean functional Scandinavian style paired with soft, cosy furnishings is just perfect for the upcoming winter season.

If you’re looking for fashionable ways to get your home ready for Christmas, create your own hygge house with these popular Scandi style tips.


Man Made Nature

Nature is hugely important to lots of Scandinavians, who tend to spend a lot of their time on outdoor sports and rural retreats. Scandi design also favours functionality and simplicity.


Bring the two together by using materials that are both practical and natural. Think wood-clad walls, wooden floors, and raw edges paired with functional metal to achieve the look.


If you’re decorating your living room, make sure to make a huge, minimalist-but-comfy sofa the centrepiece of the whole space.



On Neutral Ground

It’s not just Scandi materials that take inspiration from nature. The colours do too.


When choosing your palette, always go neutral. White, beige, sand, stone, and grey all look fantastic together to it’s incredibly easy to decorate with them. They can make small spaces look bigger and warm up a room without being too garish or colourful.


If you do like a pop of colour, go for nature-inspired tones like sage green, mustard yellow, or faded indigo. Use touches of colour in accessories, cushions, and rugs rather than walls or floors. That way you can always swap out the colours for a new season.


Keep It Clean

One of the most important rules of creating Scandinavian space is: no clutter. Scandi style is typically clean and free of knick-knacks or mess. A couple of artistic pieces or prints is usually enough to add interest.


Of course, we can’t always live a completely minimalistic life. We do have belongings we need to use occasionally! The answer is to reassess your home storage; choose furniture that allows you to hide away any clutter so you can free up your living space and create a calm, peaceful environment.

hall table

Cosy Night In

Entertaining at home is hugely important in Scandinavian culture. After all, who wants to venture outside on the coldest, darkest winter nights?


A Scandi dining space should be functional but inviting too. This Stockholm extending dining table is the perfect example. And don’t forget to keep things comfy. Go for soft and welcoming dining chairs that are simple yet stylish.


Put all of these features together and you’ll have created the ideal hygge-filled space for friends and family. Perfect for Christmas and wiling away those long winter evenings.


Have you got the Scandi bug? If you do want to redecorate in time for the festive season, or you’re just looking for some more inspiration, check out our online collection for tips and ideas. Alternatively, pop in store and let our expert team help you hygge up your home!