Santa Ready

Bedco love Christmas and all the joy it brings to everyone, no matter their age - and we especially love getting ready for Santa and his elves to visit while the family are busy in the kitchen, basting turkeys, finding the Christmas tablecloth and getting prepared for those relatives to visit. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide to preparing your bedroom for Santa to stop by and drop off your Christmas gifts.

A Warm Welcome

A messy, dusty bedroom is no place for Santa! Carefully vacuuming and dusting your room will get rid of any lingering dust and dirt that might give Santa the sniffles - nobody wants to be woken up by magical sneezes!

Trip Hazard

Santa is used to sneaking around in the dark of night dropping presents off, but he might fall over if you leave things all over the floor. A nice clear floor will help him deliver your presents without hurting himself! How about a neat and tidy bedroom storage set for toys or slippers?

Wuthering Heights

If you have your stocking on the end of your bed, be careful not to put it up too high. A bunk bed or high bed might be super fun to sleep in, but could also be too tall for the elves to reach, so hang your stocking low enough on your bed frame for them to deliver your presents!

A Seat For Santa

Santa is a big man and gets tired easily when he’s so busy. Try to find a comfy armchair or stool for him to take a quick break, and who knows, he might leave an extra gift for the kindness!

Rudolph’s Recharge

If he’s going to be stopping by for a large delivery, Santa will need some treats to refuel while taking his break. Leave out some mince pies, carrots for the reindeer, and some milk or whiskey (sometimes he prefers something a bit stronger) with your Christmas list.


The most important part of Christmas is the joy and love it brings – and nothing makes Santa happier than a neatly written thank you note. So, don’t forget to perch yourself up at your desk and pen your very best thank you letter.

There’s just one last thing to do and you’re all ready:

Turn off all the lights, get tucked in, shut your eyes tight, and wait to find out if Santa’s been tonight!