Our homes have to cope with all of our moods, whether we’re rushing out to work, relaxing on a Sunday afternoon or entertaining guests. However, most of us are unaware that our homes also have the power to affect these moods and that our interior decisions can have long term impacts on our productivity or mindset.

It is obvious that we associate certain rooms with certain feelings, we want to feel focused in the study, relaxed in the bedroom and social in the kitchen, and so on and so forth. But beyond these stereotypes, you can make small changes to the atmosphere of your home which will lift your spirits. So, we’ve put together 5 ways to enhance your home and your mood!

Which colour?

Colour is so much more than a visual experience. Psychological studies have proven that colours impact the release of hormones such as serotonin that affect your emotions. Neutral tones, light blues and greys evoke feelings of calm with their light and airy feel. In contrast, bright colours such as yellow and orange channel happiness and optimism and can work great as accent colours in the kitchen.













Many people are cautious of using dark colours as they can make a room feel smaller; however, when navy, charcoal or black paints are set against lighter highlights they can create a cosy atmosphere for a bedroom and encourage feelings of comfort and safety.

Feel the feng-shui

Whilst the strict laws of Chinese feng-shiu are not for everyone, we can all learn something from their serene and considered spaces. Firstly, a cluttered space is not a calm space, the old adage ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ comes to mind here. If your environment is clear, then you are more likely to be able to deal with other stresses which may arise. It is therefore essential to invest in practical storage solutions that can hide away any bits and bobs.

When it comes to choosing your furniture, it is important to consider whether you would prefer soft forms and curved edges or sleek pieces with straight edges. Soft edges create a more comforting environment; some studies have even suggested that soft edges make us feel calm because sharp edges subconsciously alert us to danger!

Let there be light

It is important to make the most of natural light in your home as it creates a fresh, welcoming atmosphere. Plus, the movement of shadows throughout the day changes the space as the day continues; for example the golden evening light creates a balmy feel at the end of a long day.

In north-facing rooms where you are not guaranteed natural light, a dimmer switch is the way forward. The light can be adjusted to your mood. One moment flooded with light and the next dim and cosy for an evening in. This is also important if you are entertaining, dim lights encourage conversation by relaxing your guests, on the other hand, bright, stark light has the opposite effect, awkward!

Get the outside in

Exposure to nature is essential for your wellbeing, so much so that the Chief Medical Officer of the NHS suggests we should all have daily exposure to nature to improve our mental health. With so much of the population living in busy cities, is is important to bring nature into our interiors. Houseplants are a brilliant solution and even a leaf print cushion can help bring the outside in.

Make it yours

Finally, to feel completely at ease in a space, it needs to feel like yours. Adding personal touches that will bring you joy each time you notice them will liven any bad day. Whether it is family photos, your own art or souvenirs from past experiences, it’s important to embed your personality into your home. Ultimately, your home should feel like an extension of you at your very best.


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