From the newly sunny days to the newly green trees, there’s no denying that spring has most definitely sprung.

What better time to have a little bedroom revamp?

We’re not just talking boring old cleaning either; here are our top tips for preparing your bedroom for spring.

As a Whistle

Okay we are talking about spring cleaning a little bit… After all, there’s no point filling your room with new things if they’re going on a dirty floor or into a dusty corner. Spring is the ideal time, not just for a tidy up, but for a full-on deep clean of all those nooks and crannies that you haven’t touched since autumn.

Clear the Air

Sometimes cleaning isn’t enough to give a bedroom that fresh, spring feel - you need to have a whole clear out as well. Take advantage of the warmer weather to get rid of those woolly wardrobe items you don’t think you’ll be needing next winter. Or if you'd like to keep them, but won't be needing them for a while, why not pack them into a suitcase and stow them in the loft?

Flying Colours

One you’re clean and de-cluttered, why not treat your room to a lick of paint? Changing up your colour scheme is the perfect way to make over a room for the new year, especially if you ditch the warm and cosy colours of winter in favour of something brighter and more sunshine-y. If you don’t fancy painting, you can achieve the same effect with new bedding, accessories or rugs.

See Your Room in a New Light

If winter is the season for shutting out the cold and curling up somewhere cosy, spring is the season for throwing open the windows and letting the breeze blow out those cobwebs. A brand new set of curtains is a great way to let light into your bedroom and give it that bright and airy vibe that’s perfect for spring.

Get Comfy

Of course nothing completes a room overhaul like a whole set of new furniture! Whether you want to go the whole hog with a complete new suite or just treat yourself to a new bed to match your new colour scheme, replacing the old and shabby with the new and fresh is what spring is all about.

If you'd like some advice on giving your bedroom a spring makeover, pop in to see us in-store and ask about our free design service!