While we love redecorating full stop, there’s no denying that there’s nothing more fun than decorating a child’s bedroom, and what better time than National Bed Month to get started?

From quirky storage options to all-out fun features, furnishing a child’s bedroom is the perfect opportunity to let your creativity run wild.

If you’re about to freshen up your little one’s room, here are some of our top furnishing tips.


First things first, remember that this is a room for your child - not for you! Designing their room to be as personalised as possible will make it a fun and exciting place to be, as well as giving them a sense of personal space and ownership that’ll make them more likely to take care of it. Do they love to read? Prioritise space for a bookcase. Got a future star on your hands? Treat them to a circus play curtain set and let them live out their performing dreams.

Be Clever, Not Boring

The challenge of furnishing any room is how to fit in enough storage, especially if you’re working with limited space. The good news is that nowadays your options are far more varied than just wardrobes and chests of drawers. Try to opt for furniture that’s multifunctional to maximise your space; high beds are particularly useful as they can fit several items of furniture into the footprint of just one bed. If you don’t want your little ones up high, opt for a bed with drawers underneath instead. Combi shelving units are also a great idea for an eye-catching feature that makes the most of wall space and keeps rooms easy to organise.

Make It Fun

Quirky decor is no longer the reserve of celebrities showing off their cribs. Nowadays there are plenty of low-cost options to turn kids’ rooms into super fun spaces. Think quirky murals, bunk beds draped with faux-liage to look like treehouses, blackboards, pirate dens, forest caves, and even their very own slide. The more fun their room is, the more likely they’ll love spending time there - trust us, it’ll make bedtime a whole lot easier!

Restrain Yourself!

That being said, it’s easy to go overboard and take things from quirky to (dare we say it) tacky. Try to remember that your little one is still growing and that any current likes and dislikes they have can easily change over time. Your best bet is to start out with a stylish base of plain and minimal furniture then add personality through bedding, textiles, and soft furnishings that can be easily swapped out as your child grows and their tastes change.

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