Road noise, laptop screens, stress, clutter, street lights...

If you struggle to get your full 7-8 hours' sleep on a regular basis, you'll know that there is any number of things which can disturb your rest.

Yet ensuring we sleep well is crucial to ensuring our everyday health and happiness; from how we feel and how we respond to others, to our stress levels, coordination and ability to concentrate.

Although some causes of sleeplessness stem from within, there are many external factors which can reduce your chances of a refreshing night's slumber. If you can tackle these potential problems, you may even find it easier to drift off in the face of anxiety and other sleep-reducing issues.

Ready to boost your beauty sleep? Here are our top tips for creating a space that promotes healthy rest...

1. Eliminate Excess Light

Unless you're afraid of the dark, eliminating as much light as possible from your bedroom will help you sleep better. That's because light plays a huge role in our hormonal balance, which in turn plays a significant role in how and when we sleep. Light triggers the body to release cortisol, while darkness releases melatonin. Exposure to too much light, even from phones and alarm clocks, can mess with this system, making it harder for you to sleep. Investing in thick curtains to keep out street lighting and early morning light will help you sleep better and longer, while covering up illuminated devices at night time will also make a positive difference.

2. Reduce Noise

Noise is often a huge issue for those who struggles with sleep. While consistent, soothing sounds, like ocean waves lapping at the shore, soothe us to sleep, our brains are hard-wired to wake at any unexpected noise in order to protect us from “predators”. Eliminating these sudden sounds from your bedroom will help you drift off more easily and sleep more deeply. From double glazing and thick curtains, to ear plugs and even special noise cancelling Kokoon headphones, there are plenty of steps to take to keep things quiet.

3. Cut the Clutter

Even when we're awake, messy spaces make us feel stressed. Whether we feel “trapped”, can't escape thoughts of our failings, or can't stop thinking about our ever-lengthening to-do list, cluttered bedrooms are a recipe for stress and therefore disturbed sleep. Invest in smart storage solutions, which make it easy to keep everything in the perfect place, to improve your sleeping environment.

4. Rest Easy

The surface you sleep on will have a huge effect on the quality of your rest. Your mattress may make you feel too hot, may exacerbate joint issues or vibrate when your partner rolls over. Make sure you take time to understand the qualities of each mattress type before you buy and test them out for yourself to give yourself a firm (or soft!) foundation for a great night's sleep.

From bedroom storage to memory foam mattresses, you'll find all the ingredients you need to design your ultimate sleeping environment in our online shop. Contact us with your questions or browse our mattress collection to find your perfect product.