From the crackle of a campfire to waking up in the great outdoors, there’s a lot to love about camping.

But when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep in a tent, things can get a bit more tricky. Whether you’re on a back garden expedition with the kids, trekking up a mountain, or hitting your favourite festival, here are our top tips for getting forty winks in the wilderness.










Noisy Neighbours

As festival veterans will know, getting to sleep amidst a campsite of revellers is not always easy. If you’re going to be sleeping somewhere noisy, ear plugs are an absolute must. Some festivals also offer quieter pitches or family campsites if you’re travelling with little ones.

If you’re the opposite and need a bit of background noise to sleep, you might find bedding down in the wilderness a little too quiet. If you can’t move anywhere closer to civilisation, you could always download an ambient or white noise app on your phone to soothe you to sleep.

Vent the Tent

If your tent gets very hot and stuffy, it can make it impossible to get a good night’s sleep. Choose a tent that has ventilation panels or leave your front door unzipped a bit to let some cooling fresh air in while you sleep.

If you do need to unzip the tent, remember to string up some netting to stop any pesky creepy crawlies from trying to share your bed.

Make Yourself at Home

Sometimes a new sleeping environment can be enough to keep you tossing and turning. If you struggle to nod off in new places, try to get your tent to mimic your home sleeping environment as much as possible.

Take your duvet with familiar bedding, use the same number of pillows, spritz a scent on your pillow that reminds you of home, or try an inflatable or portable mattress to mimic your own bed. Copying all of these little details can help your body recognise that it’s time to relax.

Regular Routines

In the same way, making sure you follow your normal bedtime routine can also help you adjust to sleeping in a tent. If you usually delve into a book before bed, try to do some reading in your sleeping bag. If you normally have a hot drink in the evenings, get the campfire going and do the same.

All of these activities are signals to your brain that it’s bedtime, putting you in a relaxed and drowsy mood that will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Nature & Mindfulness

Lots of people go back to nature when they want to get a little peace and quiet. If you find the flurry of setting up a tent and organising a campsite a little stressful, try doing some yoga or meditation before bed.

A gentle yoga session or meditation practice will help you reset and unwind amongst what can be a stressful sleeping environment. Plus being outdoors in nature is the perfect setting for a bit of timely mindfulness.

Going to bed in the great outdoors should be peaceful and relaxing, not noisy and stressful! Follow our handy tips on your next camping adventure and you should have no problem with being content in your tent.