From dressers and cupboards, to beds, tables and bookshelves – should you invest in free-standing bedroom furniture, or should you opt for a fully flush, fitted alternative?

While free-standing options are easy to mix and match, chop and change, fitted bedroom furniture can be completely customised to suit your space.

So which is the best choice for you? We explore the pros and cons…

Fitted Furniture

Built into your bedroom, fitted furniture is typically customised and built to fit your unique space, it can incorporate a wide range of elements, from wardrobes and bedside tables, to headboards and bookshelves.

The pros

  • Customisable
    Every bedroom is different, which is why the option to install bespoke fitted furniture can be a real bonus. From fitting seamlessly into awkward spaces, to featuring the lighting, storage options and styles that match your needs, fitted furniture is all about the benefits of customisation.
  • Easy to clean
    With no need to dust on top of wardrobes or behind tables, fitted furniture is an easy option when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.
  • Space-efficient
    Free-standing furniture can be bulky, while fitted options can be tucked away easily, even into awkwardly proportioned bedrooms, helping you maximise your space.
  • An investment
    Fitted furniture can cost more up front, but its durability can save you money over the long term. A good design can even add value to your home – storage space is a huge bonus for many buyers.

The cons

  • Flexibility
    If you like to chop and change your style or layout regularly, fitted furniture does not allow for as much flexibility and creativity as free-standing options.

Free-standing Furniture

From second-hand pieces to fresh flatpack items, free-standing furniture does exactly what it says on the tin, allowing you to mix and match pieces to suit your style and changing tastes.

The pros

  • Changeable
    Love updating the look and feel of your home? Free-standing furniture makes it much easier to create a fresh design. Simply replace your old pieces with something new!

The cons

  • Maintenance
    As most free-standing furniture is not flush to your walls or ceiling it can be more labour intensive to keep your space dust and cobweb free.
  • Durability
    Fitted furniture is typically installed with real longevity and structural integrity in mind, while free-standing furniture can vary more widely in quality and more readily fall victim to the knocks and accidents life can throw its way.
  • Suitability
    From tricky corners, to slanted walls and ceilings, the biggest drawback of free-standing furniture is that it may not be a perfect fit for your bedroom, making careful measurement incredibly important.

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