Do you find yourself waking up from a night’s sleep, but not feeling rested? Have you tried all the ‘good night’s sleep’ tips to no avail?

It might not be your pre-bedtime habits that are leaving you tossing and turning, but the layout of your bedroom.

Check out our feng shui tips to bring peace, balance and tranquility to your sleeping chamber...

What is Feng Shui?

Known as the Chinese art of placement, feng shui is the philosophy of creating harmonious and restful environments by managing the flow of energy around a room. Practitioners believe it can particularly make a difference in our bedrooms as good feng shui can make all the difference between a restful night’s sleep and a bad one.

Make the Bed

According to experts, the placement and design of your bed is one of the most important ways you can improve feng shui in your bedroom. First things first, try to have equal amounts of space on either side of your bed with a bedside table each side if possible. Not only is this much fairer for couples, but it also improves the balance and therefore the harmony of a room.

Wooden beds or any bed with a solid frame is also considered important to give you a feeling of stability and security that aids relaxation during sleep.

Open Door Policy

Doors are also very important when it comes to feng shui as practitioners believe that beds placed in direct alignment with doors can drain your energy, especially if your feet are directed towards the door (this is a big no-no!). Try to place your bed as far from your door as possible and keep all doors closed at night to avoid an energy drain.

Gadget? Ditch It

While you’re probably already aware that using tech before bedtime can be harmful to sleep, some feng shui experts believe having any gadgets or technology in the bedroom at all can be detrimental. Yes, that means TVs too! From cluttered desks to a wall-mounted widescreen, anything that bears the energy of work, concentration, or stress can impede a harmonious environment - make sure to get rid if you want the most restful night.

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