We watch our favourite shows on it, catch up with our loved ones on it, snuggle up for a sick day on it, and sink into it after the longest days – our sofa sees us through a lot of life’s little moments so it’s important to choose the right one!

Today, we’re giving you our top tips for picking your perfect living room sofa, from size and shape to materials and colours.

Size Matters

First things first, you need to decide on the size of sofa that’s best for you. This can be determined by a few different factors: the number of people in your home, whether you frequently have guests, whether you like to stretch out or not, whether you have a little one on the way or a pet that likes to snuggle up of an evening…

Perhaps the most important factor though, is your room size. A three-seater sofa looks great in a large living room but could overwhelm a small space, not to mention make it impossible to get around the room. Before you commit to any new sofa, measure, measure, measure, and measure again. Make sure your sofa gives you enough room to move around your living area and doesn’t block off your space unnecessarily.

Stella grey set

Take Shape

Next, you need to choose the shape of sofa that works for you. If you’re not sure, there are a few basic rules to go by:

Rectangular sofas – Classic and traditional, rectangular sofas are ever popular because they can fit into most spaces and be pushed up against walls to maximise room. Rectangular sofas are comfy and unobtrusive, perfect for everyday family life.

Rounded sofas – A bit more eye-catching, a rounded sofa adds a fresh focal point to a room and works well if you like high-design interiors. Rounded sofas are also fantastic for parties and gatherings, especially if you place two opposite each other.

L-Shaped sofas – Spacious and oh-so-comfy, corner sofas are growing in popularity for their comfort and versatility. Great for seating lots of people or stretching out on your own for a movie marathon, L-shaped sofas cover all bases. They also work particularly well in open-plan spaces that need dividing.

Claire sofa

Material World

Your sofa’s comfort levels often depend on the material you choose – but it’s not always as simple as opting for the softest and most sumptuous fabric. For example, velvet is incredibly plush and comfortable to sit on but requires a lot of maintenance as it can mark easily.

Choose a material that’s best suited to you and your home. Got kids or pets? Opt for sturdy cotton that’s easy to clean. Better yet, choose a sofa that has removable covers – ideal if you like the occasional TV dinner (or sofa picnics, as we like to call them).

Leather sofas are also very durable and long-lasting and can even become more attractive the more worn they get. Great if you like entertaining.


Colour Coordinated

Choosing the right colour or pattern depends entirely on your existing interior decor. Got some eye-catching wallpaper or a patterned rug in your living room? You may want to go for a neutral-coloured sofa that balances out the space.

In a rental property and stuck with plain walls and floors? Choose a brightly-coloured sofa to freshen up the room a little. Coloured and patterned sofas also work really well in eclectic or period properties that are full of personality.

Monza sofa

We hope that helps you narrow down your sofa search! For more living room inspiration, check our guide to the best interior design trends for 2020. Or, start your search for your perfect living room sofa by browsing our full range of sofas online, visiting our showroom, or contacting us today.