Springtime always fills us with that sudden ‘urge to purge’ – to clear up and clear out the cosiness and cobwebs of winter and open the window to fresh air, singing birds and blooming flowers. But sometimes, a spring clean is just not enough. It’s time to really embrace the season of new beginnings.

Here’s our ‘spring-spiration’ for refreshing your bedroom and living space, just in time for the warmer weather.

Start with the basics

If you want to change up your space but don’t want a completely new room, why not try refreshing your decor and colour palette to welcome in the new season? Yellows, pinks and greens are great spring and summer colours that can brighten a room instantly.

And while you’re at it, perhaps treat yourself to some new bedsheets. A light floral pattern works wonders for a neutral room, just like this beautiful Joules Harbour Duvet Cover.

Joules floral patterned duvet set













If you’re not feeling patterns, why not try some simple bright white bedding and add colour with a throw or some scatter cushions? These gorgeous feather-filled Murmur Daisy Cushions are a perfect way to add simple pops of colour to your room.

Daisy murmur red patterned cushion

A bed above the rest

Sometimes, new colours just won’t satisfy that need for a new look, but a new bed frame might be just the ticket! A lightly-coloured wood or fabric bed frame can make all the difference to a seemingly dark room, while a bedframe with little or no underbed storage can provide a sense of space that may have not been there before.

Take this Imola Fitted Bedroom Furniture – the space underneath the neutral upholstered bed frame gives the room a beautifully bright and clean feel.

The whole ‘shebang’

If your whole room needs an update, and you want to rid yourself of dark, old or unruly furniture, a fitted bedroom or bedroom set is your best option.

Fitted bedrooms are great for those who have a small or unusual space to work with – not only because your furniture is designed specifically to suit the space, but also because it’s the perfect solution for reimagining a room without losing valuable space. Perfect for springtime revamps!










Like what you see? Here at Bedco, we can help you find the perfect bed frame, bedding or fitted furniture to suit your style. Whether you need advice on the best way to brighten your living space, or are in need of a complete rehaul, step into spring by contacting Bedco today.