When redecorating your bedroom, the sheer amount of choice can be intimidating. Should you go for a trendy futon or a stately four-poster? A warm carpet or chic wood floors? Wallpaper or plain walls?

Out of all these decisions, choosing a colour scheme can be the hardest. Not only do you need to decide on a colour, you then need to choose which shade, vibrancy, tone… If you’re feeling overwhelmed, check out our handy guide to picking out the best colour scheme for your bedroom based on science, history, and what sells...

According to Science…

Colour is all wrapped up in psychology so choosing the right colour scheme can be as simple as deciding how you want to feel when you’re in your bedroom. Bedrooms are usually intended to be soothing and relaxing places; if this appeals to you, both neutrals and blue shades are traditionally associated with calm and tranquility and are more likely to aid restfulness.

If you’d rather your bedroom felt warm and romantic, reds, pinks, and oranges are a good choice, while citrus tones of yellow and lime green are associated with sunshine and will help you wake up full of energy and zest for the day.

It’s worth remembering though that bolder and brighter colours can be overstimulating so keep them muted, limited to one wall, or picked out in accessories only if you want to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

It’s also a good idea to opt for a range of complementary colours rather than several shades of one colour, which can make a room feel boring and one-note.

Look to Nature for Complementary Colour Schemes

Love blue? Opt for a coastal theme of pastel blues and sand shades for a soothing feel with added interest. Love green? Take inspiration from forests and woodlands with muted green, grey, cream, and brown, complemented by the natural textures of wooden floors and furniture.

Green is a great balance of warm and cool that is both restful and cosy, while nature-inspired shades can help you feel both relaxed and energised depending on the time of day.

According to History…

If you live in a period property it’s worth looking to history to get inspiration for your colour scheme. Darker colours such as forest greens and navy blues were often traditional choices and go well with antique woods, while jewel-tones can provide the same effect with a more modern feel.

According to Estate Agents…

If you’re looking to sell your home soon, it’s worth remembering that bold isn’t always best. While you might love your hot pink bedroom, it might be off-putting to potential buyers who often find bright and bold colour schemes block them from being able to imagine the room as their own.

In this case, neutral is definitely the way forward. Palettes of cream, white, beige, and grey (or greige if you really want to be à la mode) are all stylish choices, while remaining nondescript enough to encourage a potential buyer’s imagination.

According to You…

While it may seem that ‘neutral’ and ‘muted’ are the bedroom buzzwords of the minute, remember that choosing your colour scheme is all about you and your tastes, so it’s important to go with what appeals to you rather than what’s trendy. After all, you’re the one who will be spending the most time there!

The best idea is to decide on how you want your bedroom to feel then consult with an experienced interior designer who can help you achieve the perfect bedroom vibe for you.

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