There's a lot to consider when buying a bed – more than you might think.

From whether or not your current underbed storage will fit under a shorter bed frame, to ensuring your mattress and your new bed match up; there are all sorts of practical considerations to be aware of when you're choosing a new frame or divan for your bedroom.

Our bed buying guide will help you get it right and get a great night's sleep!

Different Types of Bed

  • Bed frame
    The most decorative option for bed buyers, bed frames come in a huge array of designs and materials. The variation between bed frame types means it's extra important to get your measurements right to ensure your new frame fits its intended space (including the headboard). If you currently use underbed storage (rather than a clever lift-up Ottoman style), make sure you measure up to ensure it will fit under your new frame. You'll also need to choose between static slats and sprung slats (the latter are more responsive, while the former give a firmer feeling bed).
  • Divan
    A solid bed base which is great for incorporating extra storage in drawers underneath, but can be bulkier to transport and carry. Make sure you can fit your new divan into the intended room logistically before ordering to avoid sticky situations. You may also need to choose between true edge (completely pocket sprung right up to the edge of the bed), sprung edge (a wooden base featuring shallow surface springs on a foam layer) and a solid top or platform edge divan (upholstered but with no springs for a firmer feel) depending on your comfort preferences.
  • Children's bed
    Beds for youngsters can be a tricky thing to buy. How long do you want the bed to last for? How fast will they grow? Is the bed adaptable for sleepovers? There are plenty of different options to choose from to suit your little ones, just take a look at our range of bunk beds, kids beds with easy to store guest beds and high sleepers, which are great for incorporating Flexa desks and play areas underneath.

Bed Size Guide

Paying careful attention to bed sizes is important when buying a new bed, whatever the type. This is because bed and mattress sizes can vary.

The measurements below are the standard European measurements which we use here at Bedco, but in the US (or in stores like IKEA), these sizes are often different.

If you're not confident about sizing, make sure you get out a tape measure before you buy to ensure your mattress and bed are evenly matched.

  • Super king - W180 x L200cm
  • King - W150 x L200cm
  • Double - W135 x L190cm
  • Small double - W120 x L190cm
  • Single - W90 x L190cm
  • Small single - W75 x L190cm

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