Kids' bedrooms are the perfect place to exercise your (and your youngster's) creativity.

With much more license than other rooms for a spot of silliness, your little one's space can be as creative and wonder-inspiring as the world they're learning about every day.

Here are five of our favourite ideas for children's bedroom furniture, accessories and décor.

Kids chalkboard

1. Chalkboard Walls & Furniture

If you've ever turned your back for one minute only to find your little “darling” has added a crayon masterpiece to your living room wall, this is the ultimate solution for young Picassos: chalkboard walls and furniture.

From stickers you can add to walls, to chalkboard paint you can apply to any surface, adding blackboard accessories is a great way to spark creativity and fun.

2. Double Decker Beds

Double decker bed

Is there a child out there who doesn't dream of having a bunk bed?

Every child wants to sleep on the top bunk, and now there are all sorts of cool bed designs out there to combine the daydream with something practical and fun!

From standard bunk beds, to bunk beds with space for a desk, sofa, pull-out guest bed or bookcase beneath.

Swing seat

3. Swinging Seating

Little monkeys will love the addition of suspended seating in the bedroom.

From tyre swing seats, to hanging hammocks, cocoons and egg chairs, there are lots of fun options your youngster will love to curl up in.

4. Starry, Starry Lights

Starry night light
Do you have a budding astronomer or physicist on your hands?

Why not make their bedroom the ultimate observatory?

From more traditional glow in the dark stickers to star lamps which project the night sky accurately around the room, there are lots of fun lighting options for the celestially obsessed.

Wall stickers

5. Stickers & Decals

Kids' tastes are always changing. One minute they can't get enough of Peppa Pig, the next they're all about dinosaurs.

Stickers and decals are the perfect kids' bedroom accessories for keeping up youngsters' evolving tastes, giving you a cool, temporary look which you can cheaply and easily change when they grow out of their latest phase.

Whether you're searching for storage or furniture, you'll find a full and fantastic range of fun bedroom accessories for kids and babies in the Bedco collection from Flexa. From castle-themed beanbags to pop-up pirate caves; explore the range online today.