We might have been promised sunny weather, but we’ve got a feeling even those warmer temperatures can’t banish April showers for good! We’ve still got some wet weather heading our way before the summer, so we might as well be prepared for it.

While rainy days might seem boring at first, there's still plenty of fun to be had when it's wet outside. Here are our top tips for things to do when those April showers start falling.

Kick back with the kids

If you’ve got little ones, rainy days can be tricky to deal with, especially when cabin fever sets in. Luckily there are plenty of fun indoor activities you can do to keep busy little minds entertained; check out Netmums’ impressive list of 100 kid-friendly indoor activities for some inspo. You can also distract the kids with some fun new bedroom upgrades; help them become the coolest kid on the block with a Flexa bedroom slide or upgrade their existing bed with a guest bed perfect for rainy day sleepovers.

Flex your culinary muscles

If the latest series of Masterchef left you feeling inspired, why not take advantage of the bad weather to hone your cooking skills? Grab those recipe books off the bookshelf, pick a couple of dishes and have a go at impersonating your culinary heroes. It's a great way to keep the kids entertained too, especially if there's baking involved. Who doesn't love licking out the bowl once the cakes are in the oven?

Catch up on some TV

Is there a box set you've been meaning to binge for ages? Perhaps you never got round to watching the latest season of the Bake Off. There's nothing like spending a rainy day curled up on the sofa, catching up on your favourite shows. And, if you're feeling particularly lazy, you could even embark on a Netflix marathon from the comfort of your bedroom, wrapped up in a lovely, warm duvet. Sounds like bliss to us!

Grab some extra kip

Of course, when it’s really pouring down, there’s nothing we want to do more than just snuggle up in bed and nap until the sun comes out. Arm yourself with a bunch of clean, new bedding, lay your head down, and hibernate away. After all, the clocks only just went forward, so we’ve got at least an hour’s sleep to catch up on.

How will you be avoiding the April showers? Let us know your top tips over on Facebook or start shopping now to make sure you’re fully stocked up on everything you need for the perfect day in.