Have you foolishly volunteered to turn your place into “Christmas HQ” for your family, extended family and friends this Christmas? It's lovely welcoming all of that warmth and jollity into your home at this time of year, but too many guests can lead to all manner of Christmas chaos! Where's auntie Jane going to sleep? Is there space for all of your cousins on the sofa?

Whether you've miscalibrated your guest list or just need a few extra spots for festive sleepers, we've created a speedy guide to space saving beds this Christmas.

Sofa Beds

Once upon a time, the words “sofa bed” were enough to strike fear into the hearts of any overnight guest. But today's contraptions are far superior than the rickety old options of yesteryear. Now sofa beds function as completely comfortable sleeping spaces – and look as good as everyday pieces of furniture too.

Hugely convenient in living areas, especially if you're a regular host, and brilliantly versatile for all lifestyles, a quality sofa bed is one of the best space saving bedtime options available – just fold it up and stash it away when you're finished!

Day Beds

Day beds are a slightly more unusual solution when it comes to creating Christmas sleeping space, but if your home has a Bohemian vibe, a day bed could be a worthwhile investment. These designs offer a comfy and chic spot to relax with a book during the day, but can easily be made into a cosy sleeping spot for one when it's time to catch some Zzzs.

Pull-out Guest Beds

A convenient and cleverly concealed option, especially if your guests are usually youngsters. For families with lots of little ones, pull out guest beds (which slide out from underneath a standard bed to create an extra sleeping space) are an easy way to create more sleeping spots when spaces are limited.

Folding beds

If you have a little extra storage space in your home, folding beds make for a very practical solution come Christmas time. Easy to fold up and stow away in small spaces, folding beds can be taken out and erected quickly, creating a speedy space to sleep extra guests. If you have a loft or a garage space where you can keep these very useful devices, this is a great option.

Where will your Christmas guests be sleeping this year? Share your sleeping solutions with us on our social channels or browse our complete collection of beds for a better option.