Between stressful days, anxiety-inducing lifestyles, snoring partners, buzzing smartphones and booze before bedtime, getting a decent night's kip is a real struggle for many people in modern life.

But a good night's sleep is an essential ingredient for healthy, happy living.

In fact, it can make all the difference to your day in lots of surprising ways. Here are a few of the biggest positives of getting your beauty sleep...

1. You're less likely to get ill

Sleep is very important for our immune systems. That's why, when we get tired, we tend to get rundown, picking up colds, flus and infections much more easily.

2. You're less likely to experience mental health problems

Sleep is just as important for our mental health as it is for our physical health. Just one night of poor sleep can leave us feeling low and irritable. Chronic sleep debt can result in more serious mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

3. You're less likely to have an accident

From stumbles on stairs and spilt coffee, to road traffic accidents, lack of sleep is a significant cause of accidents and injuries. Getting a solid eight hours can substantially improve your alertness, decision making and coordination.

4. You'll learn better and think harder

Good sleep is critical to good cognitive function, boosting your ability to process information and concentrate.

5. You'll remember more

As we sleep, our sleep cycles are busy helping our minds to process and store memories. Not getting enough sleep can prevent us from consolidating the information we acquire during the day, making us more forgetful.

6. You'll look better

Puffy eyes and sallow skin are two less-than-attractive effects of sleeplessness. Lack of sleep can even cause us to lose our skin's glow and create dark circles under the eyes. Get more sleep to get more gorgeous!

7. You could lose weight

Lack of sleep can result in increased appetite, particularly for high fat, high carb foods, as your body craves more energy to keep itself going. Better sleep can result in better dietary control and weight loss.

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