Investing in great sleep can also be an investment in your long-term health, success and happiness. By now you've probably heard the statistic that we spend a third of our lives asleep, which is just one more reason why selecting a bed which provides your ultimate night's rest is so important.

From your mental health, to your memory and even the speed at which your skin ages, sleep plays a crucial role in how we look, feel, interact, perform and live. That means it's time to invest a few minutes in learning all about how to choose the bed of your dreams…

1. Try it out

You don't know until you try. Whether you visit a showroom with a wide range of beds or order a mattress online with a 100-night free trial, testing different mattress types before you buy is crucial.
You may not be able to tell much from a few cursory bounces (the resistance of memory foam and latex mattresses can feel very different after a couple of hours) so explore all the options before searching for a mattress which offers a trial period to be extra certain you're getting it right.

2. Bring your bedfellow

If you typically sleep next to a partner, bring them with you and test mattresses together to make sure you're both comfortable. Some mattresses (particularly memory foam) get hotter more quickly which may be uncomfortable, while open coil and pocket sprung mattresses can jiggle more if one of you is a restless sleeper. Take note of bounce and temperature depending on your dual sleeping styles.

3. Do the “hand test”

It's not easy to gauge how much support and resistance you need – and how much each mattress you test provides. Too firm and your body will take the strain, causing tension in your spine. Too soft and your body will sink into “hammock position” putting strain on joints and muscles.

The right resistance for you will depend on your weight and body shape. To find the perfect level, lay on each mattress (allowing extra time for sinkage on foam and latex mattresses), then put your hand under the small of your back. A big gap is a sign the mattress is too soft, no gap at all indicates it is too hard. A small space (just big enough for your hand) is just the ticket.

4. Get your priorities right

Many bed experts recommend listing your “bed priorities” before you start your research. These might include storage space, design, size and price. We disagree with this advice – your bed is for sleeping and, if it doesn't offer your best possible night's sleep, you've bought unwisely.

While you may be working with space constraints, always make sure that comfort is your first priority and ensure you invest in the best night's sleep available within your budget. Other features can be arranged and figured out later.

5. Go big or go home

We aren't all fortunate enough to have a substantial bedroom and budget at our disposal, but opting for the biggest possible bed is a shrewd move for bed buyers, particularly if you sleep next to a partner. The bigger the bed, the less likely you are to suffer from overheating, bed hogging or disturbances caused by each other moving. Wherever possible – go big!

Asking for advice from bed experts is another helpful way to make sure you're buying the best bed for you and your lifestyle. Explore the full Bedco mattress range in our online shop, discover our 100-night trial options, test our beds at our Isle of Man showroom or call our bed specialists to discuss your best options today on 01624 624311.