Do you wish that you had a more spacious, airier bedroom?

You might not have the money for a lifestyle upgrade, and bending the laws of physics might be a bit of an ask - but worry not! These ten clever bedroom-boosting hacks will help play tricks on the eye for a roomier feel.

Here's how to gain more space with smart design tricks…

1. Declutter (right this second)

We're well into spring now, which means your spring clean is well overdue. Clutter instantly makes spaces look more cramped, which is why it's high time you streamlined your life. From selling unneeded items on eBay to donating to your local charity shop, there are lots of productive ways to benefit from this space-boosting tip.

2. Create Breathing Room

When you're trying to make a space seem bigger, tucking furniture into neat corners is the intuitive approach. In actuality, this can give a space a “sardine” effect, which has the opposite outcome. Instead, try spacing your furniture out, creating breathing room around each item to give an airier feel.

3. Lighten Up

Pale colour palettes are a tried and tested ingredient in “big feeling little rooms”. These shades reflect natural light, making spaces feel more, well, spacious! Don't opt for pure white, as this colour can make rooms feel unpleasantly stark, instead opt for light natural or neutral tones to get the best effect.

4. Embrace Windows

Again, this tip is all about boosting natural light for an airier feel. Bulkier blinds or darker curtains can make windows look smaller and restrict the light, so to get the most out of your room's windows, switch to lighter, more minimal window dressings – or scrap them altogether!

5. Buy Multitasking Furniture

As part of the de-cluttering process invest in furniture which doubles up as storage, or even triples up as seating or a surface, to minimise the bulky items in your bedroom.

6. Be More Vain

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's got the biggest bedroom of them all? The person with the most reflective surfaces, of course! Mirrors are great for creating the illusion of extra space and for reflecting natural light, so be sure to incorporate them into your small bedroom design.

7. Consider a Statement Ceiling

This look isn't for everyone but, while light walls create a feeling of space, a darker, statement ceiling can give the illusion of height, drawing the eye upwards and creating extra depth which squeezes the most out of your floorspace.

8. Add Built-in Shelving

The ultimate space saver. Embracing wall storage will help you save storage space elsewhere. Just keep your shelves neat and tidy to make sure your space doesn't start to look cluttered.

9. Try Pendant Lighting

Minimise clutter on bedside tables and add surface space by opting for stylish pendant (or wall mounted) bedside lighting instead of table lamps.

10. Be Bold

Strong, eye-catching artwork, bold home accessories and statement furniture may feel dominating, but just one or two key pieces will draw the eye and help make your space look more expansive than it really is.

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