Are you bored of your bedroom but don't have the budget for a full-blown redesign?

When we look at the same interiors day in, day out, it's easy to see imperfections and dream of a brand new style – especially with so much inspiration out there from Pinterest boards, design magazines and shows like The Great British Interior Design Challenge.

But a brand new look doesn't have to cost the earth...

In fact, a few inexpensive changes could make a world of difference to the look and feel of your bedroom. To help you get started with your affordable bedroom makeover, we've put together ten great ideas for a low-cost update…

1. Create a Picture Wall

A collection of images, hand-picked and clustered together, makes a great new focal point for any room – and it can be created very cheaply. You can even source frames from charity shops to create a kooky mix-and-match effect. From postcards to your favourite art or Instagram prints, pick images which make you smile and have fun arranging them.

2. Hang Fabric

Repainting or repapering is a big job – and one which can become expensive very quickly. A fast, temporary and affordable fix is to give your wall a brand new look with a big piece of decorative fabric. Hang it behind your bed to give your room a fresh look for next to nothing.

3. Declutter

This tip could even make you money! Instead of buying new accessories for your bedroom, why not pare back. A decluttered space can have a brilliantly fresh, minimalist feel – and you can even sell your old unwanted items.

4. Add Accents to Your Furniture

Tired of staring at that same old chest of drawers? Time for a cheap upgrade. Pick up a small roll of wallpaper (you could even try to wangle a free sample) and use it to add a splash of colour and texture to your old furniture.

5. Embrace Rugs

It's easy to forget about our floors when decorating, but rugs can really shake up the style of a room, adding everything from plush cosiness to vibrant colours and patterns. Why not throw a few floor cushions into the mix too, to create a cosy reading corner?

6. Make a Canopy

Who doesn't love the romance of a bed with a canopy? Whether you suspend and drape fabrics yourself or pick up a pre-made canopy that's ready to hang, this cheap update will add softness to your space.

7. Go Green

Plants can have a huge effect on the look and feel of a room, bringing vibrancy, freshness and a natural vibe along with a pop of colour. Pick up some leafy lovelies for a cheap bedroom update.

8. Lighten Up

Lighting can make a room look totally different. Whether you purchase a new table lamp, a new lampshade or a string of pretty fairy lights, shaking up your lighting is a great cheap change.

9. Create Wall Art

Do you have a creative streak? Why not add a dash of flair to your bedroom with your very own piece of wall art? Whether you're stencilling a design directly onto your wall or creating a hanging textile of your own, make your mark on your space with something spectacular.

10. Repaint Your Furniture

The ultimate weekend project. Painting your furniture in a fresh shade will radically change your bedroom's style. We especially love this DIY ombre paint job!

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